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Warren Copper Tools & Kits
Books and DVDs
Knapping Accessories
Spalled Rock Stone & Obsidian
Preform goldstone, obsidian glass
Jim Spears Abo Tools SOON
JOMO Knappers 2016 Schedule

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 Don Dickson Articles
Stolen Arrowhead
Period Clothing, Footware, Patterns
Books & DVDs, Primitive Skills

Woodcarving & Survival Knives
Bow Making Tools Related Items B50
Books & DVDs, Bows & Atlatls
Wood & Bamboo
Stave List
See Osage as it is split
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Site Map ~ Where do I find....?

Welcome to our website.
Using the links above, from any page, you can go to any page. 
The structure of this site is simple which reflects our business strategy - simply provide good items at good prices with good service. 
That's it.
Here is briefly what you can expect on each page.
With kindest regards, Diana Benson.

Click on link below to go to the page.  Brief Description of Page Contents
About Us / Around the Ozarks Welcome message.
Basic contact info.
Driving to location instructions.
Pictures of Jim Spears & Jim Redfearn working rock.
Pictures of FINDS found around the Ozarks.
Fun pictures of cats and horses.
ALL Books & Videos Main book page with six links to six pages of all our books, videos, and leather patterns.
       Books Flintknapping
Books, Videos, and DVDs FLINT KNAPPING
       Books Archeology
Books, Videos, and DVDs Arrowhead Collecting Guides; Archeology, Ancient Artifacts
       Books Indian Crafts
Books Indian Crafts/Collectors Books; Pottery, Weaving, Jewelry
       Books Beads, Beading
Books ALL Beads, Beadwork, and Beading
       Books Treasure Hunting
Books Treasure Hunting, Metal Detecting, Rocks, Gold & More
       Books Primitive Skills
Books and Videos Primitive Skills: Bows & Arrow Making, Atlatls, Brain Tanning
Arrowheads for Sale
By: Jim Spears
  Bob Thomas
  Louie Smith
  Walter Perez
  George Eklund
  Don Dickson
  Marty Longwith
  Roger Warmuskerken
  Doug Hall
  Stateline Blacksmithing
We have a new website called Knapper's Web.

Knapper's Web is host to various knappers and their work
along with some related arts.

You are welcome to join us to display and sell your work.

NO commissions, no monthly fees!
You use your own contact information and make your own deals.

Bow Making Bow making materials including Osage staves, Osage slats and risers, and bamboo.
All sorts of tools including draw knives, spoke shaves, nock files, scrapers, toothing plane, Bjorn server and more.
B50 bow string thread, serving thread, beeswax.
   Listing of staves currently available.
CALENDAR of EVENTS Events included and listed by state:
Atlatl throws
Flint knap-ins
Bow Shoots
Primitive skills gatherings
including rendezvous & black powder shoots.
       Printable submit form for your event. Printable form that you can use to mail or fax information about your event to us for posting on the calendar of events page.
Display Cases & More For your hobbies and collections:
Zip locking bags of all sizes
Stacking plastic containers for beads
Glass top display boxes of hardboard or wood.
Coming soon, coin collecting tubes & cards.
Diamond Tools Great for antler and pipestone carving.
Diamond file sets.
Diamond "dremel" type bits and burrs.
Electronic GIFT Cards Great gift idea.  It is an in-store debit card.  Purchaser buys it for $X, gives it to recipient.  Recipient uses it like a debit card with $X value until they have used it up.  A gift that can last all year!
Flint Knapping Flint knapping tools including:
  Warren copper boppers and tools
  Warren Four Cavity Die Set for forming copper caps
  Jim Spears abo moose billets and more
  Tool kits
  Buffalo hide leg pads
  Pads and abrading blocks
  Many types of rock; flints, cherts
  Knapper's Tool Bags
  Display Cases; many sizes
Home Page Main HOME page of this website
Find special, temporary links to new and interesting items on the site.
Contact Info Find all contact information.
Find all basic shipping information though specific charges are usually given on each page and/or with each item.
Important Documents Main document page with six links to either other pages of interest (see below) or other websites.  This is material related to our country, it's history and our Lord God. 
       The Bible This link takes you off site to the Blue Letter Bible site.  You will love it!  All sorts of ways to search different translations, subjects, and more.  Lots of nifty study tools!
       The Ten Commandments I am working on five different translations, laid out in parallel. 
       Declaration of Independence Never forget...
       The Constitution Never forget...
       The Bill of Rights Never forget...
       Emancipation Proclamation Never forget...
       CSN RADIO We support the Christian Satellite Network radio broadcasts. 
They teach the truth.
JOMO Flint Knappers Visit our local flint knapping group.
Come to a monthly gathering and join in the fun.
Great pictures.
Flint knapping, bows and more.
Knives & 'Hawks Swedish carving and draw knives.
Hand made throwing bowie knives.
Top quality throwing 'hawks.
Coming soon: knife blades and making supplies.
Leathers & Tanning Tanning kits.
Commercial leather processing equipment for sale.
Leather Craft Books for:
Leather working, braiding, tools, & tooling.
Patterns for moccasins, books, vests, chaps, archery, holsters, and much more.
Magnifiers & Loupes All kinds of jewelers loupes, hand held magnifiers, head mounting visual aids and more.
MARBLES Beautiful marbles made in USA and sold to you at wholesale prices by the pound.  GREAT flea market, bazaar, school, fund raisers.  Make your own board games for sale or gifts.  Chinese checkers sets and more.
Printable Order Form Print this form to fax or mail to us with your order.
Site Map
Where do I find....?
Yur heer!
Stop JUNK emails &
Links and information regarding the Federal Trade Commission.  You can help them fight porn emails and more.  Also, links to file all sorts of consumer complaints, stop telemarketer calls and more.
Stuff on EBAY Click here to see what bargains we are running on EBAY this week!  Takes you off site to ebay's site.
Wander about the Business See pictures inside the business.

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