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Flint Knapping Specialty Rock & Materials

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GREAT STUFF ~ Check out the Keokuk Burlington

Keokuk Burlington, Translucent Novaculite, Obsidian Spalls
are heated, packed and ready for immediate shipping!
(MOST of the time!)


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High Grade Flint Knapping
Rock & Materials

We do our best to ship rock that has minimal fractures in it.  Also we pack your rock carefully, wrapping every stone to help prevent shipping-shock damages.  While this is extra work to pack it this way, it's important for you!  There's horror stories out there of rock just tossed in a bucket and it arrived to the customer broken in pieces.  We want you to get the best quality stone possible.  However, please understand that because this is a natural product it cannot be guaranteed perfect by anyone.  A certain amount of loss is to be expected by the buyer.

All the rock available on this site is spalled by professional knappers.  These guys know how make these bifaces ready to start knapping! 
Most people find that a knapped biface is far easier to work than a sawed slab. 
Nearly every spall or flake you take off of a biface is a potential arrowhead!

Some of the top knappers in the country use our rock.


We tightly package your stone, carefully wrapping every single piece in layered paper to guard against damage in shipping.  Our handling charge for rock is $2 per ORDER, not per BOX.  So if you order 5 boxes, there is only $2 extra charged.

Shipping is $12.80 for 15 pound box INCLUDING HANDLING.
Shipping is $16.80 for 25 pound box INCLUDING HANDLING.

International shipping MUCH higher. And it has the added complication that each package, regardless of size, cannot go over 20 pounds total packaged weight meaning we can ship only about 18-19 pounds of stone per box.

The shopping cart may over or under charge on a total order because it depends upon a dollar range per total order to calculate shipping/handling cost.  We will refund overages of $1.50 or more OR we will ELECTRONICALLY bill you for the balance needed to be paid before we ship.


OBSIDIAN SPALLS! This are gorgeous, extremely consistent material.
You will not be disappointed. BTW, This stuff is volcanic glass produces razor sharp edges.

Glossy Black Obsidian, under 6"   ~   15 pound box. MORE pieces per box than large size rock. $52.35
Glossy Black Obsidian, under 6"   ~   25 pound box. MORE pieces per box than large size rock. $87.25
Glossy Black Obsidian, 6" and OVER   ~   15 pound box. $59.85
Glossy Black Obsidian, 6" and OVER   ~   25 pound box. $99.75


Spalled as picture above, examples only!

BANDED VARIETY OBSIDIAN for fun!   SPRING SPECIAL!! Limited quantity!  (yeah, i know, it's still winter...but, jeepers, I am ready for springtime, birds chirping, butterflies, flowers popping up....bunny rabbits eating carrots in the garden...)
Banded & Variety Obsidian, under 6"   ~   15 pound box. (MORE pieces per box than larger size rock.) $52.35
Banded & Variety, 6" and OVER   ~   15 pound box. $59.85

Click on picture to enlarge.



Jim Spears 5" Adena is SOLD but he

has more points for sale on his

Gallery Page on Knappers Web.

You are looking at boulders weighing about 200 pounds each.  Getting them home was my job ... choosing and hauling.  It is about a 12 hour drive not including load time.  This time, the brakes went to mush about the time I got back to Missouri!  The 4-wheel drive truck is tough but this was a serious load!  So into the shop next week.
Next Jim Spears will go to work, spalling these beauties into great pieces for you!  He takes great care to make as consistent size and thickness as possible and remove bad material, cracks, etc.  Jim is expert at spalling with the grain of the rock and making minimal waste.  I have learned that spalling is an art unto itself!
The next step in the process of producing  rock will be to heat treat it.  My job again. I use a medium sized kiln. This is because I have heard a lot of discussion about problems with rock not getting a "good heat" in larger kilns.  Don't know if it is the fault of the kiln (zones within a kiln will have differing temperatures) or that people cooking the rock just got in a hurry.  But anyway, our kilns hold about 150 pounds at one time.  Then I raise the temperature slowly, have a good hold time and bring the temperature back down slowly.  A load takes around seven days to complete and be ready for you to chip.

Heat Treated High Grade Novaculite (Plain color) 
Knaps like butter!  Very easy knapping stone.  Color is soft gray to lavender with little or no variation.  Note, Novaculite sometimes has 'healed' fractures.  These are lines that were a fracture eons ago but have filled in with minerals over time and essentially 'glued' the stone together again.  If we can flake through these, meaning if these hold together through the spalling process and through the heating process, we leave 'em. We try very hard to not ship stone with fresh cracks.  However, it is impossible to guarantee a natural product that has been quarried with heavy equipment. If you are a novice knapper (meaning you have not chipped a ton of various materials) understand with ANY stone from ANY dealer, that there will be imperfections that you have to find and work around.  For pieces over 6", we have added 50 cents a pound. (Picture is representation only!) While experienced knappers love this stone, it is also a great stone for beginning knappers.  Pieces will be mostly 4.5" to 6" which is roughly hand size.  While these are not preforms, we do not ship 'chunks!'


We won't have anymore Novaculite ready to ship until midsummer. Weather and time to work on the pile just too challenging right now! 

High Grade PLAIN COLOR Novaculite under 6". 
15 pounds
MORE pieces per box than large size rock.
  High Grade PLAIN COLOR Novaculite under 6". 
25 pounds
MORE pieces per box than large size rock.

  High Grade PLAIN COLOR Novaculite
6" and
OVER15 pounds
  High Grade PLAIN COLOR Novaculite
6" and
OVER25 pounds

Hi, If you're curious about the spalling process and you'd like to "meet" Jim Spears and Jim Redfearn,
go to the MTCo & Scenes around the Ozarks
page and see them tackling a 150 pound chunk of premo Novaculite!

Jim Spears
2.5" Synders is SOLD but he has more points for sale
on his Gallery Page on Knappers Web.
Heat Treated Keokuk Burlington Chert ~ GREAT stuff!
in stock and ready to ship!
  This is luscious stuff!
  Generally glossy, this Missouri area rock has color ranges from whites to soft pinks; sometimes with some light gray matrix or red peppering. (Very occasionally, there are red blood veins though it that are quite striking. We pack it as it comes so you might get lucky.)  Spalled bifaces are ready to go!  NOT CHUNKS! And nicely heat treated for easy knapping.
This  example is 15 pounds of stone under 6".


Keokuk Burlington under 6",  15 pounds
MORE pieces per box than large size rock.
Keokuk Burlington under 6",  25 pounds
MORE pieces per box than large size rock.

Keokuk Burlington 6" and OVER,  15 pounds $59.85
Keokuk Burlington 6" and OVER,  25 pounds $99.75



NOT NOW, working on it!

Heat Treated High Grade SEMI-FANCY Novaculite

Great knapping rock
!  Generally chips to a glossy finish.  Colors can be from soft gray to lavender to pinks with white or gray spider webbing.  For pieces over 7", please add 50 cents a pound.  (Picture is representation!)

Jim Spears 4" Synders is SOLD but he has more points for sale on his
Gallery Page on Knappers Web.

Heat Treated High Grade Arkansas Novaculite / Fancy Blacks, Gray Veined, Maroons, Mixed colors

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (We have a good supply but will not be able to process it until spring!  Check back)
Knaps very well.  Colors can be from partial black to solid black.  Pieces may have spider webbing in white or slate gray - very beautiful!  This rock is often referred to as "gem quality."  For pieces over 7", please add 50 cents a pound.  (Pictures are representation only.)We have beautiful blacks.  Take a look at some examples!

(Click on picture to enlarge.) 

   Jim Spears 8" Adena is SOLD but he has more points for sale on his
Gallery Page on Knappers Web.

    Reed's Spring   SOLD OUT
Gorgeous rock, typically worked raw by both the Indians and modern knappers.  Beautiful mottled shades of blue gray with white and sometimes with bright blue spots. 
This rock is a little more challenging to work than Novaculite or Burlington...but it's pretty!  We find MANY points here in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks made from this stone. 

Jim Spears fluted Clovis is SOLD but he has more points for sale on his
Gallery Page on Knappers Web.

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