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2004, we have attended a number of knap-ins.  Everyone of them has been fun and a good experience
for sure.  However, I would like to report on two that were simply outstanding and we highly recommend that
you mark your calendars for next year because they seem to get better with every passing year.

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Flint Ridge Knap-In
Bois D' Arc Primitive Skills Gathering and Knap-In

Flint Ridge Knap-In / Held in Flint Ridge Park
on September 3rd through the 6th, 2004.

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We arrived at 4am Saturday morning to find that our tent space had been cheerfully held for our late arrival.  What a relief!  Ed Moreland and Roy Miller and their "committee" had the most organized, smoothest running, most professional knap-in I know have seen.

While camping was basically primitive, the park is beautifully maintained and comfortable.  Local Boy Scouts were vending hot coffee, donuts and sandwiches.  Large tents were erected for vendors, tables and chairs provided - all for a nominal fee of $10...a gift!  Lights out at 11:00 which allows the most exhausted traveler a reasonable night's sleep. 

There were crowds of enthused public all day long.  We met people from Oregon, Texas, California, New York, and everywhere in between.  Two fellows for overseas frequented our booth, too.  Jim set up his bench just outside the booth and helped folks with their knapping skills and techniques.  It was fun to meet internet customers face to face. 

Sunday morning, Worship services were held by Roger Warmuskerken.  Besides being a skilled abo knapper famous for his Ohio Dovetails and other authentically made points, Roger pastors a church in Michigan.  Roger sang for us and then conducted the church service.  During this service, he offered the invitation for anyone who felt called, to accept Jesus Christ. 
And a fellow did!  Roger said that was worth the trip!

Another high point for both of us was to visit with noted archeologist, Richard Gramly.  If you ever get the chance to spend time with Richard, do it.  This man is tops in his field and willing to educate and share his experience.  When he and Jim got to talking, I just sat back and enjoyed to discussions.  There was no way to absorb all the knowledge available there.

It is nearly 800 miles for us to get to Flint Ridge and I guarantee you, if it's possible to go next year, we are there!  Next year, you be there!  You will not regret it!

Contact information for Flint Ridge Knap-In: Ed Moreland: 740-625-5868; Roy Miller: 330-359-5590.  Frank Slagle  For more information on the Atlatl: Don Roberts at: 740-264-9714.

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The Interior Highlands Ancestral Lifeways Association presents the 7th Annual
Bois D' Arc Primitive Skills Gathering and Knap-In
was held September 24-26, 2004
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Dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of stone-age wilderness wisdom and life skills.

This was much more than just another knap-in.  Bo Brown and friends are dedicated to teaching all primitive skills through their organization, IHALA (Interior Highlands Ancestral Lifeways Assocation).  While Jim Redfearn heads up the flint knapping, there are also classes that include:

  • Friction Fires
  • Flintknapping
  • River cane Flutes
  • Basketry and Pottery
  • Deadfall Traps
  • Peck and Grind Stone-Axes
  • Pine Pitch and Hide Glue
  • Pump Drills
  • Bow and Arrow Construction
  • Atlatl Construction
  • Bone Tools
  • Tracking and Trailing
  • Primitive First Aid
  • Burn and Scrape Bowls
  • Primitive Cooking
  • Hide Tanning (Braintan)
  • Cordage
  • Shelters
  • Rivercane Blowguns
  • Edible, Medical Useful Plant Identification

Jim Redfearn worked hard, hosting the knap-in along with co-hosts Carl Bryant, Cecil Hamilton, Richard Felter and Ralph Conrad.  It was great. 

Along with bowyers, the atlatl guys were out in force!  Kris Tumola (and beautiful wife, Suzie) organized events and competitions at the atlatl throw.

We always attend this knap-in.  While it is in our backyard, it is also definitely worth a drive.  Business was good and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.  Lunch and supper are home cooking with a slant on good health.  We enjoyed the most delicious Hungarian goulash, home baked bread with real butter, and desserts you can image!

REAL primitive camp ground!

Missouri Trading Company
Pic 1:  I FINALLY got a good bow stave!
Pic 2: Jim Spears discusses Bobcats.

There were three gals here that make the most beautiful pine needle baskets you have ever seen.

Kris Tumola enjoyed the sunshine while hosting the atlatl throw.

Jerry Walker and his beautiful Indian artifact reproductions.
See more below.

Friends Kenny and Sandra Jacobs enjoy watching the atlatl competitions.

Jerry Walker's art / P.O. Box 121 / Osceola, MO

Bill Metcalf ~ Flint knapper and hatchet bow expert!

Little did I know, but Cecil Hamilton won the World's Best Hot Chocolate award!  "This year's" award was made in the pottery class by two darling little girls who were ever so grateful for hot cocoa on a chilly morning!

One vendor's row.


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