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MORNING WALK ~ In the beautiful southwest Missouri Ozarks

Walk with a neighbor, Cubby.
It can be challenging, enlightening and a lot of fun.
Take a walk and enjoy nature in the beautiful Ozarks!

Cubby & Sunshine

Sunshine's story.  2006  Dumped, half grown, Cubby found the Rotty pup on Sunshine Road.  He quickly became a favorite companion for Cubby and her husband, Phil Moomaw.  Sunshine was a perfect dog except for his morbid fear for thunder.  So Phil cut a pet doorway in the basement storm door and whenever rain threatened, they left the interior door open so Sunny Dog could come in and hide in the utility room.  But July 4th, 2008, they went to the lake overnight.  When the storm came up, Sunshine could not get in so he went up to my place where Michael Dees was working on my building.  When it came time to leave, not understanding Sunshine's problem, Michael left him outside and went home.  Sunshine was not to be seen again.

Until early in June 2009, nearly one full year of being 'lost', Sunshine came home.  But by that time, they had acquired two other dogs.  So my mom fell in love with the gentle giant of a dog and now Sunshine has become a Benson dog and he's lovin' it!

Natural stone chimney, the only remaining evidence of an 1800's log cabin, gone long ago.  It resides on the edge of, you guessed it, Chimney Meadow.

Jack in the Pulpit ~
Turns bright red in the fall.

Pancake Rock stands against flood waters every year. 
It is probably 15' in diameter.

Wild Hazelnut Tree ~ No, we CANNOT beat the squirrels, birds and deer to these sweet nuts when they begin to ripen!

The dogs lead the way, Sunshine and my little Cindy Lou, as we go beneath a Redbud tree gone to seed.

Blooms have long gone and the seeds are beginning to turn bright red.

Flowering vetch on Vetch Mountain.

Native grasses.

Black Eyed Susan's grace the trail edge.

We head up to First Lick Ridge here. I wish the picture would show you how REALLY long and steep this hill is!

Look at this guy!

See a critter's jaw bone left here?

Ah, good!  Phil has mowed Eric's Meadow!

Some creature has made its home under the root of an old Oak tree.

Sometimes it is nice to be a child again ~ Lie down on the trail and stare at the dizzying blue sky.

This beautiful grass looks like seaweed, doesn't it?

What is it?  I forgot!


Wild Morning Glory

Wild Morning Glory

Native Air Plants will disappear into the rocks when it's dry and and reappear when it rains.

September 15, 2009


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