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Jim Spears Abo Billets & Tools

NOTE: Jim is working on MORE TOOLS for you right now. Give us a week or two. 05/22/2012

Whitetail Deer Pressure Flakers
Designed and made by Jim Spears
Jim makes and shapes these as his own tools.  Tips are shaped for good flake control and the base is shaped to feel good in your hand. 
Standard $3.50 each
Large $5.00 each
Get 2 Standard & 1 Large for $9.99

© Jim Spears 2003

Buffalo Rib Bone Notching Tool (American Bison)
Designed and made by Jim Spears    
These are Jim's own design and hand made by Jim.  Please don't confuse with copies!  Want to make a long, narrow notch in your Calf Creek point?  One of these lets you get in there DEEP!  Buffalo ribs have THICK walls and make the very best Abo notchers.  This is an authentic abo tool.  Treat yourself! $15.00 each 
© Jim Spears 2003

Whitetail Deer Batons
Designed and made by Jim Spears
Jim shapes these as his own tools.  The crown is shaped with his own multiple angles and the base is shaped for a good feel in your hand.  Roughly 1" plus in diameter.  We prefer to use antler sheds because they are harder and stronger.  Email for dimensions of available billets.
$20.00 to $25.00 depending on size
© Jim Spears 2003

Moose Horn Billets
Designed and made by Jim Spears
Top knapper, Jim Spears, offers high quality, moose billets that are hand finished for perfect feel in your hand!  Jim sets the crown just as his own tools using his personal design of multiple angles - these are top quality and ready to go! 
(Please note when comparing moose billets, others may offer billets but
often you are only buying the horn and it is unfinished.  You will have several hours of work trimming, shaping and finishing your horn before you can use it.)
© Jim Spears 2003

Picture soon! Hammer Stones
As used by Jim Spears
If you have seen Jim's DVD, you know how important a hammerstone is to the abo knapper.  He used a large one to crack into a large nodule of Indiana Hornstone with a thick cortex.  We hunt hammerstones constantly.  Basically, a hammerstone is one that fits well in your hand, has good density, and an edge or radius that will make good contact with your knapping rock.  I have seen Jim make a point, start to finish, with nothing but hammerstones.  These stones vary in shape, weight, size, and availability so please call or email about what we have available.  Prices run from $3.00 to $5.00 mostly. 
© Jim Spears 2003

Picture soon! Natural Sandstone Abraders
As used by Jim Spears

Coming soon!

© Jim Spears 2003

Picture soon! Deer Hide Leg Padding
As used by Jim Spears
Jim folds a deer hide over about four times and lets it drape over his leg.  He likes this method of padding his thigh because it is 'adjustable'.  He can thicken it with more folds or cover more of his leg by spreading it out.  He can use it to hold large sharp rock when spalling to protect his hand from lacerations.  Soft deer hide is a very versatile tool for the knapper.  These vary in size and thickness; not dyed.  $35
© Jim Spears 2003

SHINTO® RASPS  Jim Spears uses this rasp on his own moose billets & whitetail batons.  He highly recommends these incredible rasps for the shaping and dressing down of your antler billets as well as for bow making.  Made by Shinto of Japan, these are the best design we've ever seen for fast cutting and self cleaning.  We LOVE these for bow making, too!

Here's what Shinto says about these saw rasps:
-Made of special alloyed steel
-Good for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, veneer, laminates,
  soft-plastics, gypsum board, etc.
-Marvelous abrasive power obtainable.
These come in two lengths.
Shinto 01 has 9" rasp length.
Shinto 02 has 11" rasp length. 

Buy NOW, CLICK HERE for more info!

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