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International Shipping Rates
(revised 10/24/2011)

January 2014, shipping rates and methods have drastically changed.

we will be updating this page soon!

We are willing to ship anywhere in the world.  The following rates are Global Priority Mail.  This is our preferred shipping method.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  All rates quoted are actual cost. Please realize we will be adding handling/paperwork/packaging charge of $3 to $5 per ORDER.  Large items and extra heavy items are all subject to surcharges outside our control.  We cannot and do not include customs/destination charges; those are the receiver's responsibility. 
We will not falsify values ~ please do not ask! 


Weights include product AND packaging materials AND the box.
We can also use First Class International with Bubble Envelope mailers but cannot be over 4 pounds total weight.
Following prices do NOT include handling.
Our handling for foreign shipments ranges from $3 to $5 per order (not per box).

Foreign FLINTKNAPPERS, regarding stone orders:  If you order stone, we cannot get 20 pounds into a MFR box.
We can get 15 to 17 fitted into the box plus packaging to keep it safe.



Up to FOUR pounds

Flat Rate Envelope**

Up to FOUR pounds

Small Flat Rate Box

Up to 20 pounds

Medium FR Box

Up to 20 pounds

Medium FR Box

Up to 20 pounds

Large FR Box

CANADA $11.95 $11.95 $27.95 $27.95 $35.50
MEXICO $11.95 $11.95 $27.95 $27.95 $35.50
ALL OTHER COUNTRIES $13.95 $13.95 $45.50 $45.50 $58.50

** Flat Rate Envelope means as much as I can put into the envelope and seal it, regardless of weight!  Good for books, possibly videos and definitely good for pattern packs.



DVDS.  One DVD can be shipped either in a bubble envelope First Class or in a FR Priority Envelope.  Two DVDs can also ship in the Flat Rate envelope. Books.  Most books can be shipped, padded, in the Flat Rate envelope.  They are safer boxed, of course, but the Flat Rate Envelope can save you money. FR Boxes are your next choice if the book is larger and heavy. (hard cover or spiral) The dash number on book catalog numbers indicates shipping weight.  For example BK3059-2 ships at two pounds.  It can be shipped either at the one pound rate in the envelope or boxed at the two pound rate.
Draw Knives.  These are typically lightweight and sometimes several can be combined to ship at one pound.  They must be boxed. Carving Knives can sometimes be rolled in cardboard and shipped in bubble mailer safely. Optical items should be boxed.  All OptiVisors ship at two pounds.  However, without going over the 2 pound rate, you can add accessories to your order like additional lenses, mountable lamp and Opti-Loupe. ALL RATES QUOTED ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  This includes official changes or changes I have to make just because I made a mistake!


Page last revised May 20, 2007  April 26, 2011 (working on it!)  October 24, 2011 DONE!

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