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Other Flint Knapping Items         

Knapper's Bag ~ 24 outside pockets!  $19.99
What a deal! 
Jim Spears found these and told me we gotta have these for knappers.  Bag measures about 15" long, 8" high and 6+" wide.  It is made of heavy, heavy canvas- material and stands rigid even when empty and yet you can fold it up for easy storage if not in use.  Carry your rocks to the weekend gathering inside the bag while your tools are ready and visible, safely tucked into the outside pockets. 
Shown here with our tools (not included). 
Canvas Knappers Bag  $19.99
TWO Canvas Knappers Bags!  $35.00

Our cowhide regular black leather pads.  We also have the matching folding hand pad, sold individually or as a set.








Leather Leg Pad 12" x 18" $19.99

Standard Leather Leg Pad  $19.99
Standard Leather Hand Pad  $4.99
Standard Leather  & Hand Pad Set  $23.99
Standard leather, Foldable Flaking Pads  $4.99
Great for palm flaking!  For those of you who want a flaking pad that fits to your hand, these are great.  Some guys like to insert either thin metal or wood to add some stiffness while still giving fit to your hand "feel". You can arrange it to give some protection to your wrist. If you wear out a spot, reorganize it for more wear.

Piece is 6" x 9" and cut from our standard cow hide.
(Prior to folding it.)


Highlander Leather Leg Pad  $24.99
Highlander Leather Hand Pad  $5.99
Highlander Leather Leg & Hand Pad Set  $28.99

SCOTTISH HIGHLANDER Leather Leg Pad 12" x 18"
Even Thicker, yet supple Scottish Highlander hide.  
May be in brown or black. 
Matching Hand Pads (6"x9") available below from the same great leather!

Something really unusual and wonderful for the flint knapper!  This leather from high quality hides.  It's soft to the touch with great "drape" over your leg.  These are thick enough to give your leg protection while still being flexible.  Sized about 12" x 18", large enough to fold over which some folks like to do.


Points & tools not included! Sorry!

Clovis by Jim Spears.

Glass point by James Howell.

Glass material by Diana Benson.

Bull Hide Triple-Layer Flaking Pads $9.99
Great for palm flaking!  In the picture, we show both sides of this sturdy leather flaking pad.  The light colored side is thick Bull Hide and a slightly harder surface.  The darker leather side is latigo leather which is a bit softer surface.  You will like using both sides!  Some folks have also noted that the light and dark colors work well for different colors of flint materials. 

This standard Bull Hide Flaking Pad measures about 3 x 6 inches.  It is about 5/8" thick.  Some guys like to cut a relief groove in these or cut to fit in their hand.
We do not cut grooves because there are several different ideas on how/where to cut the groove and others do not want a groove.

Bull Hide Triple-Layer Flaking Pads $8.99

See the difference in the picture on the left. This new smaller pad is 2" x 4". 

Larger 3 x 6 Bullhide Flaking Pad for $9.99
Smaller 2 x 4 Bullhide Flaking Pad for $8.99
BOTH PADS for $17.99

Flaking Pads $3.50  Great for bench flaking or cut down to your hand size.  We chose this size as most versatile for all styles of knapping.  Firm synthetic rubber material with some flex; very durable.  Roughly 4 x 4 x 1/4 inches thick. 
Standard size measures roughly 4 x 4 x 1/4 inches thick.  $3.50 each
Standard size measures roughly 4 x 4 x 1/4 inches thick.  Get THREE for $9.99

Some guys like to cut a relief groove in these or cut to fit in their hand. We do not cut grooves because there are many different ideas on how/where to cut the groove and a lot of folks do not want a groove.

Abrading Block  As every knapper knows, one of the keys to getting good flakes is proper edge preparation.  We offer an aluminum oxide abrading stone which has both rough and fine grits in one.  The size is comfortable in your hand at approximately 2" x 4" x 1".
  Single Abrading Block $3.00 each
  Two Abrading Blocks for $5.00


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POSTERS by Valerie Waldorf



Poster: Story In Stone  
Enjoy the beautiful and accurate work of the late Valerie Waldorf. 

Val is well known for her work in over 200 archeological publications.  This poster features many different arrowheads and blades, drawn of authentic pieces. 

Val's technical drawing skills make this a valuable identification asset for the collector of ancient artifacts as well as a very useful study guide for the modern flint knapper.  It is a beautiful poster so treat yourself to something really special! 

We no longer have any posters signed by Val.
One poster $10.99
Two posters $19.99

Poster East Wenatchee Clovis Site, WA

Highly collectible. These posters are new.  They were reprinted about 2003. We bought them from Richard Gramly at the Flint Ridge Knap-In, 2004.  At that time, at the knap-in, both R.M. Gramley and Valerie Waldorf signed each poster.  Unfortunately, the following April 2005, Val passed away.

This is one of her finest works; a real treasure to have of her work and the famous East Wenatchee Clovis Site finds.

Valerie's skillful technical drawings render an extremely accurate and beautiful
depiction of the remarkable finds from this famous, ancient site in Washington state, USA. 

The poster is printed on heavy stock and measures about 23" x 34". 
You will love it and treasure it for many years to come!

The quantity is limited of these SIGNED posters. 
These were signed for me by BOTH R.M. Gramly and Valerie Waldorf
at the Flint Ridge Knap-In, Flint Ridge, OH ~ 2004.

No archeologist or knapper's den is complete without this!
One poster $65
Two posters $110

Note, the shopping cart will overcharge on shipping because of the dollar value vs light weight of this item.
We WILL reimburse your account promptly the amount of the overage!


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