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Regarding SHOPPING CART BUTTONS on our website:

The shipping cart only allows us a single pricing table to calculate shipping costs.  In some cases, we may need to refund over payment and that will be noted on your invoice.  If the overcharge is over $2, we refund it to you.  In other cases, we may need to request additional payment because of package length.  Please be aware of this.

Shipping is according to packaged weight and your zip code.  We charge actual shipping plus $1.50 on most products.  Glue, staves, and bamboo have a handling/packaging charge of $3 in addition to actual shipping. 
We're glad to combine multiple items to save you money!
In some cases, several items may be shipped with no increased cost to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures may only be a representation of our stock, such as slats and bamboo. So in these cases, you will not ALL dimensions are approximate so will vary from item to item somewhat.

All prices are subject to change without notice.
Click on pictures to enlarge them. 
NOTE:  We only put the shopping cart on items that are always available and not unique like a stave which can vary greatly in size, quality, weight, etc.

Bow & Atlatl Making - Basic Essential Materials
Top quality materials from experienced Ozark bowyers.
We are proud to offer top quality blanks for your bow making.

Premium Osage Bow staves or "splits"
Seasoned Osage wood, often called Osage Orange, Hedge or Bois D'Ark by the locals here in the Ozarks.  This is one of the most popular and strongest of bow woods.  Make a bow to last a life time!  Straight Osage Orange which is free of excessive knots and twists is very hard to come by.  We offer seasoned staves of good quality.

New Page just for Osage Staves!



~ We carry select bow slats & risers ~
$35 for set of one slat with riser.
Making a laminated bow?  Use one of these Osage Orange slats for your base.  Powerful wood, seasoned and clear of troublesome knots or twist.  Included, matching riser for handle.  Bamboo backing slats available below.  Size is approximately 72" x 1-3/4" x 3/4".   These are sawed, not planed.   For USPS shipping, we will need your zip code.

   ~ Bamboo slats for backing ~


Bows made from Osage Orange and backed with high quality bamboo are excellent for serious hunters. 
Our bamboo slats have tough power fibers to make some of the fastest shooting bows you've ever seen! 
These slats have long distances between nodes (from roughly 10" - 14") which makes it easier to lay out  your design.

Order bamboo slats as follows.  We ship Priority Mail with insurance & delivery confirmation. 
To quote exact shipping, we'll need your zip code.

Basic approximate dimensions:
Thickness=0.25" - 0.375"
Distance between nodes roughly 8" - 14"
 with most around 10"-12"

Bamboo Slats, TWO, $15 each $30 total.
(We cannot safely ship a single slat.)

1 Bundle of 4 Bamboo Slats $55
2 Bundles of 4 Bamboo Slats $100

We now carry  quality Mosa bamboo, partially planed and blonde in natural color ready to take your finish or dye.  This stuff is great!  Because of better sourcing, we can now offer even better pricing than before!

$15 each or
bundle of 4 for $55 plus shipping/handling.
Multiple bundles can be packaged together.

Because of the popularity of this product, we are now offering a double bundle pack, 2 Bundles of 4 slats (8 slats in all) for $100.


Below, glue up example...bamboo on Osage.

One way of doing a reflex/de-flex
bamboo laminated bow.

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