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Videos on Primitive Skills

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Primitive Fire & Cordage
By John & Geri McPherson

Learn to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. In this presentation, John & Geri McPherson go into great detail to teach you how to make friction fire using only what nature has to offer for materials.  In depth "how to" instructions on making fire using Hand Drill and Bow Drill.  Also included is a demonstration of the Bamboo Fire Saw.  Part two of this video teaches you how to gather and prepare fibers and to make them into string.  Included is the making of a bow string from deer sinew.  100 minutes DVD  (Re-filmed in it's entirety, updated, added to, and revised!) 

McPherson's are internationally known as experts in the field of Primitive Technology.  They have been featured most recently on National Public Radio, Voice of America TV, Kansas Public Television and the History Channel.  Currently, they are involved in an ongoing program of teaching primitive skills to the Survival Instructors of the U.S. Army Special Forces S.E.R.E. School.

Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters
By John & Geri McPherson

Four "houses" are made from start to finish showing several building techniques utilizing common forest littler and grasses ... shelters made simple!  90 minutes DVD
  Primitive Wilderness Skills Applied
By John & Geri McPherson




DVD30 In stock! Need to get website updated!
Deer from Field to Freezer
By John & Geri McPherson

This video presents proper care of large game from moment of killing through cutting it up for the freezer.  Working in the field, the McPherson's use a goat to show how you can use today's modern kitchen knives and tools to easily process any larger game. 
65 minutes DVD
Brain Tan Buckskin
By John & Geri McPherson
Step by step, you are taken  through the entire process of turning raw deer skin into new buckskin. 

This is the fastest and simplest was that the authors have ever encountered.  It is possible to shoot your deer in the morning and wear it that evening! 80 minutes DVD

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Brain Tanning & Related
Click on picture to enlarge.

Brain Tanning the Sioux Way
(Step by Step)
by Larry Belitz

This amazing little 17 page booklet gives you all the information you need with good detail to brain tan your hides successfully.  It is now in it's 17th printing, so you know it's a good one!

  BK3031   $4.95
Blue Mountain Buckskin
2nd Edition - revised & enlarged
by Jim Riggs

A working manual of dry scrape brain tanning.  A classic and very popular instruction manual for brain tanning and smoking buckskins.  Covers procedures in easy to follow step by step instructions.  Good pictures and illustrations.  137 pages

BK3023   $14.99
Buckskin - The Ancient Art of Braintanning
by Steven Edholm & Tamara Wilder  

Great book!  Covers a multitude of methods and various related subjects.  Learn how to skin, wet scrape, dry scrape, all about different tools to use, fleshing, graining, membraning, braining, softening, smoking, sewing holes, vegetable tanning and dyeing, making clothing and much more including uses for bone and hoof parts.  A super addition to any primitive skills library!  Has a complete glossery, 148 pages of pictures and illustrations, complete index, trouble shooting sections, and step by step instructions in each chapter.
307 pages
  BK3035   $19.95
Deerskins into Buckskins
by Matt Richards

This is a very popular manual about how to tan with natural materials.  Discusses storing hides, use of ashes, scraping, skinning, smoking and more.  You get easy to follow instructions with good pictures and illustrations.  A neat feature in this book is a Resource Index giving names and contact information of individuals and companies for classes and helpful products.  A 'must have' for any primitive skills library!  160 pages

BK3036   $19.99

Latest edition!!

Brain Tan Buckskin
by John McPherson

My best seller!  Loaded with pictures; it is clear concise and to the point.  With this book in hand, the uninitiatd can go from raw deer skin to finished soft buckskin in as little as 10 hours in two days!  Plus a chapter on preparation and use of sinew for threads - written with the pilgrim in mind.   46 pages
BK3048   $7.99
Tan Your Hide the Alum Way
by Kent Klein

  BK3056   $12.95


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Living the Life; Food, Clothing & Shelter, Music, BlackPowder, Sign Language & Indian Tongue
Click on picture to enlarge.

Permanent & Semi-Permanent Shelters
by John & Geri McPherson
Could you make it out in the wilderness?  Learn how to make shelters with what is "at hand" for your survival.  Book illustrates how to make simple lean-to's and more - even up to an elaborate thatched wickup!


Primitive Wilderness Containers, Book 1
by John & Geri McPherson
Learn quickly how to make all sorts of handy and useful baskets, cordage, and other what-nots for your wilderness experience.  Other materials discussed include deer hide, small animal pelts, tree bark, stone and more.

  BK3050   $7.95
Primitive Wilderness Containers, Book 2
by John & Geri McPherson
Learn how to make primitive pottery and utensils from clay to cow dung materials and much more!  Book discussing mixing materials, shaping, firing, etc, with tons of pictures!

  BK3051   $7.95
Deer from Field to Freezer
by John & Geri McPherson

Tired of paying high meat processing fees for that big buck you just shot?  Here you can learn proper fast field dressing, leg and sinew removal, removing the loin and tenderloin, carcuss and meat cutting. 


  BK3052   $7.95
Makin' Meat-2
by John & Geri McPherson
Learn how to obtain subsistence in nature using deadfalls, snares, fish traps, the atlatl and more.

  BK3053   $7.95
Primitive Tools
by John & Geri McPherson

Learn how to make and use all sorts of primitive tools.  Many pictures along with good instruction show you how to haft stones, make a stone adze, mortar and pestle, mano and metate and much more.  Book shows how to make all sorts of tools, bowls, utensils from wood and antler, too.

  BK3054   $7.95
The Indian Tipi - It's history, construction and use - VERY detailed information - you will be pleased!
by Reginald & Gladys Laubin

Description here....


  BK3026   $24.95
Cherokee Words with Pictures 
by Mary U. Chiltoskey

Description here....

  BK3027   $5.95
Cherokee Plants - their uses - a 400 year history 
by Paul B. Hamel & Mary U. Chiltoskey

Description here....

  BK3028   $5.95
Native Plants Native Healing
by Tis Mal Crow

Description here....
143 pages

  BK3038   $12.95
Handbook of American Indian Games 
by Allan & Paulette Macfarlan

Description here....

  BK3022   $8.95
Indian Sign Language 
by William Tomkins

Description here....

  BK3025   $7.95
How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine & Crafts
by Frances Densmore

Description here....
397 pages

  BK3039   $14.95
Making Powder Horns Book II 1996 
by Robert D. Byerly

Description here....

  BK3032   $12.95
Guns and Gun Making Tools by John Rice Irwin

Description here....

  BK2012   $12.95
Musical Instruments of the South Appalachian Mountains 
by John Rice Irwin

Description here....

  BK2010   $12.99 
Primitive Technology II, Ancestral Skills 
edited by David Westcott

Description here....

  BK3044  $19.99
Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills by John & Geri McPherson
It is all right here, by the people who LIVE it, John and Geri McPherson!  Learn how to survive in the wilderness from the people who teach many of our Special Forces guys.  This 408 page book is filled with information that is supported by dozens and dozens of how-to photographs and diagrams. 
Chapters include:
  • Brain Tan Buckskin
  • Fire and Cordage
  • Making Meat 1
  • Making Meat 2
  • Primitive Wilderness Cooking Methods
  • Deer from Field to Freezer
  • Containers 1
  • Containers 2, Primitive Pottery
  • Primitive Tools, Making & Using Them
  • Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters
Note, McPherson dedicates the book to:
Robert R. Ecker, KIA 1967, A Company, 1/503 Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade, Sep.

BK3081  $24.99
Participating in Nature ~
Field Guide to Primitive Living Skills

by Thomas J. Epel

Description here....

  BK3057    $24.99
How to Scrimshaw & Carve Ivory

by Blackie Collins

Description here....

  BK7003    $12.99
Making Gypsy Willow Furniture by Bim Willow

Description here....

  BK4021   $14.95
Dream Webs by Suzanne McNeille

Description here....

  BK4022   $6.95
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