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Ancient Artifacts, Arrowheads, Archeology
Unless other wise specified, shipping for a book is your choice of: $6.00 priority mail or $3.00 media mail.
Email for multiple item shipping cost.

Click on picture to enlarge.

The Spiro Mound: A Photo Essay 
Larry & Christopher Merriman
with photographs from the collection of Dr. Robert E. Bell

Signed by the authors, this is the most beautiful and amazing book you can add to your library this year!  Hard cover, it is a picture album of the finds and story in the Spiro Mound.  Also loaded with very detailed information and history (and prehistory.)  Absolutely a class act, hard cover and over 400 pages ~ a must have!

BK3073-5     $100.00

League of the Iroquois 
Lewis Henry Morgan
Carefully abridged and edited by Russell A. Judkins

The Ethnographic Core of Lewis Henry Morgan's Classic Account of the Iroquois Confederacy.

This is a stunning reprint of and 1851 published treasure.  Original book, if you can find it, is valued at around $2,000.  This award winning soft cover book includes a large fold out reprint of the 1851 map of the area in a back cover pocket.  224 pages. 

Information on back of book.

Folded copy of original 1851 map included.

Complete view of back of book.

The Patterns That Connect Out of Stock
Schuster & Carpenter

Social Symbolism in Ancient and Tribal Art

If you enjoy primitive art, you will love this book!  Great detailed drawings and information telling the
meanings of designs used around the world by ancient peoples.  This is a limited edition, hardcover book.

$250  one left

Prehistoric Native Americans in the Ozarks
By Don R. Dickson 
(Your copy will be signed by Don)

Don Dickson is a highly respected archeologist living in the Ozarks.  He is responsible for excavating Calf Creek Cave, naming the Calf Creek and Searcy points. While Don is a professional, he has purposely written this book so that the layman can easily understand it as well as the professional archeologist.  His illustrations and research are of impeccable quality and detail.  I doubt anyone knows these hills and mountains better than Don. 

Don is not reprinting these any more. When they are gone, they are gone.
We have only a handful left as of March 2012.
BK3071-3   $45
  Chapters in this book are:
  CHAPTER ONE  How archeologists have worked and thought (1750-present)
  CHAPTER TWO  The earliest Americans (pre-Clovis, Clovis, and possible contemporaries)
  CHAPTER THREE  Transitional Pleistocene, early Holocene hunters and foragers (10,700-10,000BP)
  CHAPTER FOUR  Early Holocene (archaic) hunters and foragers (10,000-7,500 BP)
  CHAPTER FIVE  Middle Holocene (archaic) hunters and foragers (7,500-5,000 BP)
  CHAPTER SIX   Late Holocene (archaic) hunters and foragers (5,000-2,500 BP)
  CHAPTER SEVEN  Late Holocene semi-sedentary hunter/foragers/agriculturists (woodland peoples) (2,500-1,050 BP)
  CHAPTER EIGHT  Late Holocene semi-sedentary hunter/foragers/agriculturists (Mississippi period) (1,050-350 BP)
  Bibliography and table of figures included.
Archaeological Investigations
In The Upper Susquehanna Valley,
New York State, Volume I

by Robert E. Funk
Large, soft cover book, very high quality printing, paper and information,
390 pages, limited availability and printing.

One copy left

  BK3076-4  Volume I   $100
Archaeological Investigations
In The Upper Susquehanna Valley,
New York State, Volume II

by Robert E. Funk
Large, soft cover book, very high quality printing, paper and information,
631 pages, limited availability and printing.

One copy left


$5.00 media mail shipping or email for priority mail cost
Volumes I & II mailed together, $6.50 media mail or email for Priority Mail cost.
  BK3076-6 Volume II  $150
The Richey Clovis Cache / Washington
By Richard Michael Gramly

Inquire price and availability.
To the Rim of the World
By Richard Michael Gramly

Soft cover; 85 pages.  Death and Burial at an Eastern Iroquoian Site.  Kleis Villages both in history and contemporary research.  Many, many photographs in great detail of features, artifacts, and other objects of the Kleis Site Cemetery.  Also, commentary upon non-ceramic artifacts discovered.  We have this book signed by the author.

$3.00 media mail shipping or $6.00 priority mail cost

Inquire price and availability.
The Sugarloaf Site
By Richard Michael Gramly

Soft cover; 67 pages.  We have this book signed by the author.

Inquire price and availability. 
Two Early Historic Iroquoian Sites in Western New York
By Richard Michael Gramly

Soft cover; 59 pages.  We have this book signed by the author.

Inquire price and availability.

Dutchess Quarry Caves, Orange County, New York
By R.E. Funk & D.W. Steadman

Soft cover; 125 pages.  Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Investigations in the Dutchess Quarry Caves.

Inquire price and availability.

Adams: The Manufacturing of Flaked Stone Tools at a Paleoindian Site in Western Kentucky
By Thomas Nolan Sanders

Soft cover; 159 pages. 

Inquire price and availability.
Prehistoric Lithic Industry at Dover, Tennessee
By R.M. Gramly

Inquire price and availability.
Guide to the Palaeo-American Artifacts of North America
By R.M. Gramly

  BK3009-1   $inquire - SIGNED
Inquire price and availability.
The Lamb Site
By R.M. Gramly

  BK3005-1   $inquire - SIGNED
Inquire price and availability.
  Overstreet Guide to Arrowheads 
By Robert M. Overstreet

NEW EDITION!  This is the "Bible" of arrowheads, the big daddy, the book you want for pricing and identification.  ALSO, it makes a GREAT reference if you're a flint knapper wanting to learn the authentic flaking patterns, sizes, and more.  Over 1,200 pages clear, precise photographs of artifacts!  This is the larger format book.  You will love it! 
Inquire price and availability.
Digging Up Texas, A Guide to the Archaeology of the State
By Robert Marcom

Inquire price and availability.
The Indians of Texas, From Prehistoric to Modern Times
By W.W. Newcomb, Jr.

Inquire price and availability.
A Field Guide to Stone Artifacts of Texas Indians
By Ellen Sue Turner & Thomas R. Hester

Inquire price and availability.
Survival Skills of the North American Indians
By Peter Goodchild

Inquire price and availability.
Field Guide to Projectile Points of the Midwest
By Peter Goodchild



Inquire price and availability.
Treasures of the Mound Builders
By Lar Hothem

Inquire price and availability.

American Indian Artifacts
By Ellen Woods

Soft cover; 220 pages.  How to identify, evaluate, and care for your collection.

Inquire price and availability.
Indian Axes & Related Stone Artifacts
Lar Hothem

A collectors identification and value guide.  Soft cover. 

Inquire price and availability.
North American Indian Artifacts
Lar Hothem

A collectors identification and value guide.  Soft cover, 493 pages. 

Inquire price and availability.
Indian Artifacts of the Midwest, Book III
Lar Hothem

A collectors identification and value guide.  Soft cover. 

Inquire price and availability.

Native American Weapons
Colin F. Taylor

Inquire price and availability.

The Trail of Tears
Gloria Jahoda

Inquire price and availability.

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