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Flintknapping Books & DVDs
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Flint Knapping BOOKS
Click on picture to enlarge.

The Art of Flint Knapping
by D.C. Waldorf

The Art of Flintknapping is considered by many to be the "Bible" of flint knapping. 

Dave discusses a number of techniques including how to spall out a large nodule of stone; how to keep from wasting stone; basic flaking by percussion (striking the rock); basic pressure flaking & finish work; how to make gun flints, and more. 

You will also find the areas of the country for good lithic sources, heat treating information, and tool discussions.  There are many wonderful diagrams on nearly every page which are by DC's wife, the late Valerie Waldorf. 

A must for the beginner and an excellent reference for the experienced knapper.  This is book is an excellent reference alone or get it along with Dave's Companion Video, The Art of Flint Knapping.  (available above)

Book $16.99
Book only

Book & DVD for $38.99

John C. Whittaker is not only an excellent flintknapper, but also an assistant professor of anthropology at Grinnell College. He has over twenty years experience in making and analyzing stone tools and has written many articles on the subject.

Flintknapping - Making and Understanding Stone Tools
by John C. Whittaker


John Whittaker writes the ultimate, most detailed manual on flint knapping out there!

In this new guide, John Whittaker offers the most detailed handbook on flintknapping available and the only one written from the archaeological perspective of interpreting stone tools as well as making them.
You will find very detailed and practical information on the manufacture of flaked stone implements.  Whittaker starts at the beginner level and progresses to discussion of a wide range of techniques.  He includes necessary information on the tools and materials to use, as well as step by step instructions for making several basic items.

Numerous diagrams allow the reader to visualize the flintknapping process.  Drawings of many stone tools illustrate the discussions and serve as models for the beginning knapper.

Book $24.99

Basic flintknapping techniques

► Advanced flintknapping    techniques

► MANY Photographs & illustrations

► REAL book, 353 Pages

Extensive Index

Old Tools-New Eyes
A flintknapping primal primer

by Bob Patton

Here is a great flint knapping instructional book to add to your reference library.  It is by an excellent flintknapper, Bob Patten.
Bob calls this book a "primal primer of flintknapping." 
There are loads of great pictures, diagrams, and illustrations which will take away the mystery of how to make great flakes, thinning, and much more.
Great book for anyone but especially the beginning knapper because he discusses at length a number of different methods and tools and in the back.  There is also a glossary of terms.  Bob also shares some sources for more information, lithics (stone), and more.

Book $..



Percussion Knapping
Pressure Flaking
Lithic Sources & information
Types of Tools to use
Nicely Illustrated

The Art of Making Stone Tools
by Paul Hellweg

Written by Paul Hellweg and illustrated in detail by Michael R. Seacord.
This is a complete "how to" book on the manufacture of arrowheads and other stone tools.
It contains everything the beginner needs to know to make his or her own stone arrowheads, spearheads, knives, axes, hammers, mortar/pestle sets and related artifacts. 
All information is presented in an easily understood step by step format and understanding is further enhanced by the effective use of numerous illustrations.

Book $11.99






Discover the founders and masters of the flint knapping world.  For example, Look up Jim Spears.  You will discover how he shaped the modern flintknapping world with his revealing of secret methods of making the Clovis.

American Flint Knappers
Stone Age / Computer Age
by John C. Whittaker

John C. Whittaker is an assistant professor of anthropology at Grinnell College. He has over twenty years experience in making and analyzing stone tools and has written many articles on the subject.

In this brand new book recently released, John Whittaker takes you into the uniquely American phenomenon called a  "Knap-In."  These gatherings are to socialize, exchange ideas and materials, buy and sell both equipment and knapped art, and also to make stone tools and implements in the company of others.

John Whittaker is in the unique position of having both an anthropological background and strong ties to the world of contemporary flintknapping.

He explores why stone tools attract modern people and what making them means to those who pursue this art.  He describes how new members are incorporated into the knapping community, how novices learn the techniques of knapping and find their roles within the group.  John also explains how the practice of flintknapping relates to professional archaeology, the trade in modern replicas of stone tools, and the forgery of artifacts.
Book $28.99

Meet modern flintknappers

Learn who's really who


353 Pages

Extensive Bibliography & Index






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Flint Knapping DVD's
Click on picture to enlarge.

Flintknapping featuring
Solutrean Technology

with Dr. Bruce Bradley, Phd.

Filmed on location in Bossay sur Claise, France.
Dr. Bradley's third flintknapping video.

Watch and listen as world renowned flintknapping expert, Dr. Bruce Bradley, Phd., answers the questions involving Solutrean flint technology while carefully demonstrating and teaching you the fascinating methods used in this period of time.  You will learn amazing details that help any knapper become more skilled in his craft of knapping stone tools.  Enjoy, filmed on location in France.

This TWO DISK set has been indexed to give you optimum access! 
Index through this extensive material:
   Initial bifacing
Platform preparation & controlled overshot flaking
Square edge removal and error correction
Alternate flaking
Regularizing and thinning
Asymmetrical approach

DVD $24.99



Beyond Thrashing & Bashing:
The Next Steps

D.C. Waldorf

Waldorf says, "Get the most out of your rock & tools!
This TWO DISK set includes some very interesting information.  Few DVD's out there even come close to the in-depth information and secrets of a master than this teaching DVD.  Immerse yourself into the world of a serious flintknapper and learn his ways to turn most any knurly rock into what you want.  Each DVD is close to two hours in length (1 hr 45 minutes & 1 hr 55 minutes) and contain the following challenges:
DVD one:

DVD two:
          1 - HOCKY PUCK CHUNKS

DVD $29.99


Making a Clovis Point
with Jim Redfearn

Jim Redfearn's third video.


Jim flutes the Clovis in an authentic manner, without using a jig or holding devise. This tape is great for those who wish to use copper billets though much of the information can be used with traditional moose antler billets also.
He demonstrates how to attack a thick sawed slab with a copper billet and then flute by hand. Jim is expert at proper edge preparation, angles and holding positions... There are close ups of the entire process and even experienced knappers will benefit and enjoy watching this tape.
1 hr. 40 min. 

DVD $24.99



Calf Creekin'
with Jim Redfearn

Jim Redfearn's fourth video. NOW on DVD!
Watch Jim turn a rough chunk of chert into the deep notched Ozark wonder we call Calf Creek!**
Using copper billets and tools, you will learn proper edge preparation, angles and holding positions.  As he reduces the stone into a thin preform, Jim carefully explains every move so it is easy to understand.  He also demonstrates the deep notching with both a notching blade in an Ishi Stick and also using indirect percussion.
1 hr. 5 min. 
**This point was named "Calf Creek" by Don R. Dickson.  Get Don's book, Prehistoric Native Americans in the Ozarks on the Archeology page of this site!

DVD $24.99


100 Pounds of Attitude
with Angela Parker

Angela Parker on DVD! NOW on DVD!
Everyone can learn from Angela's special techniques but especially smaller men, women and children!
Angela takes care to demonstrate clearly all the ways she has learned to chip fine arrowheads without using a lot of strength.
You will find her going into great detail to help you learn and understand every step and stage of manufacture.
After watching Angela, you will be convinced, too, that there is no reason to let your gender, age, or stature slow you down in the fun world of flintknapping!
1 hr. 40 min. 

DVD $24.99


Breaking Rock Percussion Flintknapping
with John McPherson

The predictable removal of flakes from stone.  Primitive skills guru, John McPherson says that the baseline of flint knapping is percussion flaking.  One half of this two hour video is spent "in the classroom" learning the physics behind flake removal. 
The second hour of the DVD includes:
Removing flakes from a core
Making a bifacial pre-form
So, flake by flake, unravel the secrets!
118 minutes
See John McPherson's other primitive skills videos on the
Primitive Skills page. 

DVD $29.99



Let's Make an Arrowhead;
Breaking Rock 2

with John McPherson

Renowned primitives skills expert, John McPherson, takes us through one hour of non-stop flake removal to show how the secret of making an arrowhead is not so secret. 
Step by step, flake by flake, the mystery is removed and science prevails as John, making two arrowheads, shows how to overcome various obstacles.  60 minutes
See John McPherson's other primitive skills videos on the Primitive Skills page. 

DVD $29.99





Making the Cahokia and Ishi Points
with Jim Redfearn

Many beginning knappers first attempt to learn to percussion flake bifaces.  This uses a lot of stone and can possibly leave you a frustrated knapper. 
Jim Redfearn believes you should first learn to make small points.  In this DVD he uses the examples of the Cahokia and Ishi types. 
Here Jim uses copper tools and explains each move he makes so it can be easily understood. 
1hr 40mins

DVD $24.99



The Art of Flint Knapping
Video Companion
 with D.C. Waldorf

Dave Waldorf takes you to his home in the beautiful Ozarks region of Missouri to share his flint knapping skills with you.
He  covers raw material processing, working nodules, blocks and slabs into stage 3 preforms.  He shows you how to make gun flints for your black powder rifle.
Then DC demonstrates important techniques of holding position, billet swing and strike, platform preparation, pressure flaking....and more! 
DC has been worked hard all summer and here it is!  Re-mastered, indexed, laser printed, the works!  Get in now for $24.99!
Indexed for quick section searching.  Chapterized so you can use it with his book, The Art of Flint Knapping!

DVD $24.99

Book & DVD for $38.99

Adventures in the Scenic Northwest

with D.C. Waldorf

Head to the forested northwest for obsidian with DC Waldorf. Partly filmed in one of the last remaining stands of old growth Alaskan white cedar left in the Cascade Range of western Washington.
DC gives you good help with removal of humps, and hinges and how to produce ordered flaking scar patterns.
He also attacks a 300 pound boulder of obsidian armed only with a hammer stone. Lots of scenery included!
2 hrs

DVD $24.99



Awesome DVD !

A "must have" for any video collection! 
None like it!

Replicating the Type 1C
Neolithic Danish Dagger

Advanced Flintknapping with Greg Nunn

Step back in time to 2350 BC with world class flintknapper, Greg Nunn.  Using archeological evidence and complex flintknapping processes, Greg investigates how the prestigious Type 1C Neolithic Danish Dagger may have been made.
Evidence suggest Type 1C Daggers were for elite members of the society.  They were mainly used as male burial offerings.  Today these national treasurers are held in high regards and proudly displayed in Scandinavian museums.  These prestigious Daggers are recognized for their unique style of parallel edge to edge pressure flaking , which Greg has mastered over his years of research and experience.
Greg's life long interests in archaeological pursuits lead to his flintknapping career which began in 1986.  Greg replicates and creates many styles of flintknapping.  He has produced exquisite flintworks for museums throughout the world and continues his exploration of the art and science of flintknapping today.
98 minutes

DVD $29.99


DVD plays world wide
98 minutes playtime
See ALL the steps
Advanced techniques but great for all to enjoy

The Fundamentals of Flint Knapping with Craig Ratzat

with Craig Ratzat

Craig Ratzat has flintknapping schools & classes available several times a year.  He knows how to teach you to flintknap!
Here he begins with quarrying and leads you through spalling, percussion bi-facing, pressure flaking and notching.
Visual guides via the video tape help you to better understand the processes and develop your skills faster. This is a must for every knappers library.

DVD $24.99



Lap Knapping
with Craig Ratzat

Interested in something different? 
Craig Ratzat carefully takes you through the steps of using lapidary equipment to pre-form your rock slabs (also can be used for obsidian and glass slabs) to speed up the knapping process and make a uniform art. 
Two hours!

Obsidian (Apache Tear) Knife
with marble handle.
by Scott Nickoliasen

DVD $24.99



Making the Hardin Point
ith Jim Redfearn

Watch Jim Redfearn turn a chunk of creek chert into the beautiful point shown on the left!
Redfearn shows you proper edge preparation, angles, and holding positions while using copper tools.  He explains every move in detail.
1 hour and 12 minutes

DVD $25.99

Making a Dalton Point
ith Jim Redfearn

Welcome to Dalton country.  Join Jim Redfearn as he recreates the Dalton blade.
Jim takes on a very difficult shaped piece of Burlington chert which has square edges and irregular surfaces.  Using copper tools, he transforms the stone into a very fine 8" Dalton blade. 
Listen to detailed information on edge preparation, angles, holding positions and much more.  See close ups of the entire process including heavy to fine percussion flaking and pressure flaking finish work. 
1 hour and 40 minutes

DVD $25.99

Making the Turkey Tail
Flintknapping with Jim Spears

For years, everyone has long wished Jim Spears would make a video tape.  A few summers ago, he did just that. 
For his first tape, Jim chose to demonstrate how to make a Turkey Tail blade (8" long and thin!) from a large nodule of blue/black Indiana Hornstone.  This is one of Jim's most popular points. 
He carefully takes you step by step through his methods of ABO knapping these beautiful blades. 
1 hour and 16 minutes
◄  These are the tools plus a large dolomite hammer stone that Jim used to make this 8" Turkey Tail.

DVD $..




Getting 'em Thin
with Primitive Tools
with Roger Warmuskerken

Our best selling video! 
Roger Warmuskerken is a master knapper of some 20+ years specializing in abo tools and techniques.
In this tape, he tells you how to turn that clunker rock into a thin point! You will like the detailed information that this master flint knapper shares to help you THIN your work. 
This tape is a real hit!  (no pun intended!  :-) 
Happy chipping!

Note: DVD will not have a lable on the disk. This is how Roger sends them.

DVD $19.99

All THREE of Roger Warmuskerken's DVDs for $55.99


Abo Knapping Techniques
with Roger Warmuskerken

Roger Warmuskerken is a master flint knapper of some 20+ years specializing in abo tools and techniques. 
In this tape, he works through several different rock types, problems, and gives excellent explanations of technique and tools.  Even if you prefer to use copper tools, this will be a very helpful tape - it gets great reviews! 
While this tape has something for everyone, I HIGHLY recommend it for the beginning knapper. 
Happy chipping!

Note: DVD will not have a lable on the disk. This is how Roger sends them.

DVD $19.99

All THREE of Roger Warmuskerken's DVDs for $55.99


The Modern Flint Knapper
Tips & Techniques of Knapping with Copper Tools
with Roger Warmuskerken

Roger Warmuskerken
is a master flint knapper of some 20+ years specializing in abo tools and techniques.  The best one yet! 
Roger goes copper!  About a year ago, Roger became intrigued with our ultra modern copper tools so we let him have a complete set.  In this tape, he shows you how to successfully flint knap with various modern tools. 
A great teaching tape and wonderful addition to anyone's flint knapping library!
Happy chipping!

Note: DVD will not have a lable on the disk. This is how Roger sends them.

DVD $19.99

All THREE of Roger Warmuskerken's DVDs for $55.99



Flintknapping with Dr. Bruce Bradley, Phd.

Excellent film demonstrating the fundamentals of flint knapping showing the process of stone tool manufacture. 
While this video gives various levels of expertise, a beginning knapper will learn a lot!
Dr Bruce lectures internationally.
Learn ancient skills expertly duplicated!


DVD $24.99

Get BOTH of Bruce Bradley's DVD's for $45.99 (Flintknapping with Dr Bruce Bradley AND Clovis Technology.)



Dr. Bruce Bradley, Phd.

Indexed for quick section searching!
Watch Dr. Bruce Bradley as he creates a Clovis style spear point using what he perceives to be the method used 13,000 years ago. 
The distinctive bifacial fluted points is produced in a very unique and specific process by this renowned archaeologist and expert in lithic tools. 
Dr. Bradley is a practicing archaeologist with the University of Exeter in England and is know world wide for his knowledge of stone tools and weapons.  Dr Bruce lectures internationally. 
BONUS FEATURES:  Dr Bruce Bradley shares some of the more spectacular points in his collection.  13 minutes.  The Blackwater Draw site is feature with an overview of its importance in today's archaeology, 5 minutes. 
Total running time 1 hour 13 minutes.

DVD $24.99

Get BOTH of Bruce Bradley's DVD's for $45.99 (Flintknapping with Dr Bruce Bradley AND Clovis Technology.)



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