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Who says rocks don't float?

FLINT ROCK SAIL BOAT floats on Water!

HARD WATER that is, better known as ICE!)

From a
KENTUCKY knapper!

Bois d'Arc Knap-in & Primitive Skills, Goodman MO, Bo Brown


Jim Spears The Wall Street Journal was kind enough to interview Jim and publish an article about Jim, his flint knapping life, and the skill of flint knapping in general.

We wish to give a special thanks to WSJ Staff Reporter,
GAUTAM NAIK, for his courtesy, respectful interest and front page report. It was a wonderful thing for him to make the effort to come here to the Ozarks for interviews, and to go with Jim to the Osage Knap-In held by Bob Hunt this fall. Thank you all who were there for being so friendly and open with Gautam. He had a great time I think! For a short period of time, the October 6th, 2005 article was available at the WSJ. This link was emailed to us by Mr. Naik. If you will, please contact the WSJ and thank Gautam Naik for his interest in our flint knapping world!
If you would like a free copy of the article, please contact us.

Also a special thanks to John Whittaker for his comments and recommendations which ultimately made this happen.

Added, a footnote: Gautam just emailed and told me something of interest about the picture of Jim in the article.
It is an art called, "stippling".  Gautham believes that the WSJ is the only paper in the world to do this art by hand instead of computer.
The artist working from that photograph Gautham took, was from four to five hours completing the picture of Jim Spears in the Journal.

Thank you, Diana Benson



Hello My Friend,

I am finally back at Al-Kut. The camp that I am assigned to. Yes you may do as you like with the pictures I sent. The points were some I made at Karbala. One of them was made by another man who took a great interest and I was real surprised as he made his first point ever. He was very proud and so was I. It was a great visit there and I got a real kick out of sharing conversation and giving away the points made during the visits.

One of the men I met there was a High School Football coach called up from the National Guard. He spoke so proudly of his 7 year old Grandson that of course I had to give him a point. He no sooner got it in his hand when he stated that he would give it to his Grandson. So I made him another and said to him that anyone who would share all they had of anything deserves one for himself. He mentioned that he really enjoyed the conversation that we shared as I knapped. He said that conversation was an art that has almost been lost with a lot of people. As I thought about what he said I realized that one of the reasons I enjoy the hobby of knapping so much is not just making a point but the time shared doing it. During our visit that evening we talked about old times, family and the simple things that are appreciated so much more than others. I guess it is just one of those many blessings like I am sure being there that night with those folks meeting that man, and sharing memories with new friends. It is just another way GOD comforts those who miss HOME SO MUCH!!! I know that night making points was just a sideline to sharing quality time with the ANGELS GOD sent to help ease my heart of who I was worrying about and missing so much. It was like being with my own coach and having a favorite uncle to share the pain. GOD Bless and Take Care!!! Thanks for your kindness I truly appreciate it!!!

Melvin Harbin (Materials)

KBR Services
Camp Al-Kut G3
APO AE 09332


NOW a TORNADO (2008)! Well....This is getting a little challenging...MAY 10th, the tornado that came through Missouri tagged the house. We have to relocate for a few months while repairs are made ....big UGH! However, Thank you Lord, we are safe and sound. Her house is in 40 acres of large timber. ALL the big trees are flat. Looks like a war zone. Amazing but the house is still standing. While it sustained substantial damage, it can be fixed. Super friends, knappers Michael Dees and Craig Ratzat came to the rescue spending days of their own time clearing a way back through the woods to her house. Thank you Craig & Michael! .....more....click here....
January ice storm - Flooded in March -
Flooded in April - Tornado in May - Hey, June was pretty nice!




Remember in these troubled times:
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you"


Check out the Bible Page! Great Links!

Hey, Ray's going DEER HUNTNG this year (2012) with his atlatl!
Stay tuned, if we hear anything, we will let you know what happens!
(eh...nope, nada, nuttin')

'07 ~ First legal squirrel kill
with an Atlatl in Missouri.

Ray Madden writes:

Thought you might like a photo of opening
day in Missouri for the first year of
legal atlatl hunting.

Carbon dart with extra weight in the front,
and a straight stick, mixed hook atlatl,
with a few groves for a hand grip.

Cheers, Ray

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UPDATE: Year 2011:
Two deer were taken by atlatl dart in Missouri.


Jim Spears has been working his fingers to the bone getting this rare horn ready for you abo knappers! He says it is like knapping with ivory ~ fantastic horns! We made a sizeable purchase and will have some on the website next week for you. First come, first serve. Jim Spears ABO TOOLS PAGE.

Goldstone, FiberOptic, Cherry Quartz Glass!
Lotsa work making these beauties for you to chip ~ You will LOVE 'em!


December 7 ~ A day in infamy
Thank you for volunteering, Daddy, Uncle Bud, Uncle Bill ~ all in Heaven now but I miss you so much.