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Updated last: July 15, 2009
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Kris Tuomala
It is an awful thing to report to you.  
Kris Tuomala died this morning of a heart attack.   
(January 13, 2008)  All I know right now is that early this morning, he was having symptoms.  They went to Freeman Hospital in Neosho where he passed away around 5 am.  He and Doug Hall (artist) were best of friends all their lives.  Doug's mom, Cubby, called to let me know after Doug called her.  Kris's brother had called Doug.  I will let you all know more as I find it out.  If you know others who were friends of Kris, please let them know, too.
Kris always loved the wilderness, but spent about 10 years in the Navy, then 7 years in the city.  Kris writes in his book about his life now.  He writes:

"...I met a wonderful woman, who became my wife and partner in the search for a more simple life.  Together, along with our kids, we have settled down on some family property and built a home.  Here, we hunt (squirrel hunting is my passion) and forage.  We also make a few bucks here and there.  Surely, there cannot be a more wonderful way to live.  I am a lucky man."

Kris was known nationally for his primitive skills knowledge and prowess with the atlatl and dart.  He has many friends on PaleoPlanet, in the World Atlatl Association, here in our little JOMO Flintknappers group and at Doug Hall's weekly black powder shoots.
For you who did not know him, Kris was exceptional in his character, good humor and skills.  He was here at the most recent JOMO Knap-In.  I was visiting with others here in the shop when he popped his head in with a big grin, a big "Hi There!" and wave of his hand, then off he went to demolish some rock and have some laughs with his friends.
Not long before he died, Kris came by to visit me at the shop.  He was very happy and excited about a new job.  His old job had been very stressful for a long time.  It had become more and more difficult for him to deal with.  When he quit, Kris felt like a load had come off of his shoulders.  We chatted for maybe an hour and he said he would see us at the next knap-in. [JOMO Knap-In]  He was excited about having more time to get back to doing the things he loved outdoors.
Obituary for Kris M. Tuomala
as printed in the Neosho Daily News, January 15, 2008
Kris M. Tuomala, 48, Goodman, died at 5"20 am, Sunday, January 13, 2008, at Freeman Neosho ER following a sudden illness.
Kris was born January 4, 1960 at West Point, NY, the son of Paul Edward and L. Faye (Grife) Tuomala.  He was a lifelong area resident, graduating from Neosho High Scholl in 1978.  He entered the U.S. Navy in 1978, serving on the U.S.S. Peterson, during the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Kuwait Tanker Conflict, being honorably discharged in 1988.  He had worked for the Hunte Corporation in Goodman and currently was employed by Moark Productions.
Kris had authored books on primitive skills, was the creator and founder of the PaleoPlanet website; was a member the Atlatl Association; Flintknappers association [JOMO Flintknappers of Pineville, MO], Black Powder Shooters of Neosho; Bois D'Arc Rendezvous and the Splitlog Baptist Church.
Kris and Susan 'Susie' Jones were married on June 7, 1997 at Splitlog and she survives.
Additional survivors include his mother, Faye Tuomala, Anderson; four children, Kelly Reynolds and husband, Dennis, Goodman; Crystal Ludiker and husband, Rusty, Neosho; Daniel Ipock, Neosho and Lance Sharrock, Joplin; there brothers, Gerald Boman, Anderson; Ed Tuomala and wife, Cathy, Grove, OK and Eric Tuomala and wife, Bonnie, Anderson; two sisters, Beth Blackmore and Jennifer Mikeska and husband, Chris, all of Anderson and six grandchildren, Zoe, Tyler, Gannon, Addison, Bryce and Cy.
Kris is preceded in death by his father, Paul Tuomala and brother, Larry O. Boman.
Services will be held at 10 am Friday, January 18, 2008 at the Splitlog Baptist Church,
with Rev. Kenji Herrington officiating.
Contributions in memory of Kris may be made to the Kris Tuomala Memorial Fund,
c/o Clark Funeral Home, P.O. Box 66, Neosho, MO 64950.

Kris Tuomala, Remembering him....
bright, skilled, witty, generous, humorous, kind, ethical, and a good friend to all whom he met.

Kris would pop by my shop sometimes to explore the book shelves....
one day, just for fun, I started taking pictures...
  He started to get tickled about it but tried to keep a straight face!


Kris at one of our JOMO Knap-Ins last summer (2007)
here on Little Sugar Creek, Havenhurst, Pineville, MO. 

He was in his element, having fun and making fun. 
Here he was teasingly chiding someone about their lack
of fire starting skills.  Kris was a shining star in our
little group and we miss him very much.

Bye, Kris, We love you.  Diana Benson